One-to-one online tutoring to help your child

Whether your child is struggling or is an advanced student

One-to-one tutoring can help.

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Its purpose is to empower students academically. Studies show that tutoring has a major impact on both advanced and struggling students. It impacts academic achievement, motivation, and self-esteem.

One-to-one tutoring is interactive and gives immediate feedback and results to students. This direct back-and-forth increases the pace of learning.

Our tutors are trained to connect their efforts to your child’s classroom and individual learning style. Research shows that this produces the greatest academic gains. Due to COVID-19, all our one to one tutoring is online at this time.

Our trained tutors work together with you and your child to get the results you want. Due to COVID-19, all our one-to-one tutoring is now online.

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How does one to one tutoring work?

Usually, it starts with our Common Core assessment. This is a series of three exams.

Common Core is a set of state standards for students in math, language arts, and science.

After the assessment, the tutor meets with you and your child to:

  • Go over the results of the assessment
  • Connect with your child’s classroom activities
  • Decide on focus areas and goals for the tutoring
  • Create an action plan and schedule

Your child and tutor meet on the agreed schedule. As they work together, the tutor learns more about how your child learns best.

The tutor adjusts teaching style and working style to best meet your child’s needs.

Through this back-and-forth, your child begins to meet his/her learning goals! This is what it’s all about.

Get tutoring for my child

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