The COVID-19 Pandemic will have an adverse effect on Bay Area public education systems and outcomes for many years. Your company's gift of time, talent and/or treasure will make a difference in the lives of many Bay Area children and their families. We will need your assistance more than ever to ensure our children have success opportunities. Bay Area Tutoring Association invites you to partner with us to increase the academic competency of our youngest learners, college admissions, career readiness and life preparedness of our high schoolers.
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BATA Program Design Scope

Bay Area Tutoring Association Program Design Scope

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  • Bay Area Tutoring Association (BATA) Outside School Time (OST) and In Class Model (ICM) of intervention and enrichment services are at the heart of work. We offer 1:1, small group and workshops. These services may be performed online, on school campus or designated location.
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