Overview of the Bay Area Tutoring Association

The Strength of Community. The Power of Education.

Bay Area Tutoring Association is a dynamic academic support and enrichment 501(c)(3) organization designed to complement our education system. It is comprised of a collective of educators, tutors, parents, students, community members, grass roots organizations and business leaders with a shared desire to invest in the future prosperity of the San Francisco Bay Area through the facilitation of student academic development, parent empowerment and quality extended learning programs.

Our OrganizationOur core pillars are tutor training, educational programs and services, parent and student awareness. We strongly believe a trained, properly equipped and confident tutor can be a critical component to the life success of anyone, especially a child in need of academic support. We also believe parent and student awareness increase opportunity and equity for all. Every employee, contractor and volunteer affiliated with the Bay Area Tutoring Association is required to perform with integrity and adhere to ethical standards beyond reproach.

Our Social Commitment to CommunityBay Area Tutoring Association is socially committed to the S.F. Bay Area community at large. We continually strive to develop an environment that nurtures life long learning and community support so individuals may achieve their greatest personal and professional aspirations, and lead happier, more meaningful lives.

Instructional Delivery StrategyOur instructional delivery strategy emphasizes the importance of empowering the student to master the fundamental skills of applicable subject matter. Instructional delivery method is unit based. Each unit is one to two hours in length for K – 12th grade students. (Download More Information)

Bay Area Tutoring Association Certification ProgramOur certified tutors transform students. As California continues into the era of Common Core State Standards, the demand for tutoring is increasing dramatically. Success of Common Core State Standards will require more than new books, technology, strategies and curriculum. Common Core State Standards success will require additional student and teacher support. There will be a needed increase in academic time. There will also be a significant decrease in the number of parents who are able to support their children academically. (Download More Information)