Bay Area Tutoring Association provides personalized math tutoring, reading tutoring, science tutoring, GED tutoring, executive functioning, college and career readiness wrap-around programs for organizations that support homeless children, foster youth, previously incarcerated youth on probation, and at-risk youth that have been suspended or expelled from school.

Due to the high demand and sense of urgency, we strategically partner with philanthropic fund-raising organizations, foundations, and corporations to support our efforts.

“Bay Area Tutoring Association is an outstanding professional organization dedicated to helping students achieve their academic goals. They are great at communicating the program outline and expectations to parents and following up with Eden Staff if any challenges arise. Our students have reported they “understood the material in their tutoring sessions,” “enjoyed their tutoring sessions,” and “looked forward to their tutoring sessions.” We encourage other nonprofits to partner as well.”

Zara Bukhari
Eden Housing

“Bay Area Tutoring Association is a key academic student support partner for OYA (Opportunity Youth Academy). Bay Area Tutoring Association continually finds ways to academically support our students in math, reading comprehension, digital literacy and other subjects as needed. They provide services at our 6 school sites, online, and when needed by scheduled appointment. Their support has played a role in our graduation rate success.”

Phil Morales
Director/Principal of Opportunity Youth Academy

“Bay Area Tutoring provides 1:1 tutoring for our Pivotal Scholars. They go above and beyond to listen to the needs of those they are serving and to ensure the best tutor match I look forward to the continued partnership they provide Pivotal in support of our scholars completing their higher education degrees with confidence and excellence.”

Glenda Castro
Pivotal – Foster Youth Services Agency

“Bay Area Tutoring Association has been a B.E.S.T. (Bringing Everyone’s Strength Together) grant recipient and high performing partner with the San Jose Youth Empowerment Alliance (formerly known as the Mayors Gang Prevention Task Force) since 2016. BATA has provided culturally relevant, social emotional, and academic support services to over 500 at risk and high-risk youth residing in San Jose with their BATA Transformation Curriculum.”

Petra Riguero | Program Manager
City of San Jose, Parks, Recreation and Neighborhood Services

“From the very start, BATA leadership took the time to listen to our specific needs and explored how to best support our college immersion high school program. They provided us with tutors who are professional and experts in their academic areas of focus. Their staff is personable, kind, approachable, communicative, and caring, which are important qualities for working with teenagers. BATA’s partnership, flexibility and willingness to accommodate our schedule changes over the year made a significant impact on student outcomes for some of our most vulnerable populations, and we absolutely look forward to continuing this partnership in the coming year(s).”

Viola Smith, Principal
Mission Early College High School

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