Tutoring and Support in the B.E.S.T. (Bringing Everyone’s Strength Together) Program

In partnership with the City of San Jose Mayor’s Gang Prevention Task Force (MGPTF), the Bay Area Tutoring Association B.E.S.T ( B ringing  E veryone’s  S trength  T ogether) program utilizes the  BATA Transformation Curriculum to equip “at-risk” 4th – 12th grade youth and their parents with the academic support, social emotional tools and community resource referrals needed to successfully navigate the public education experience and “hot spot” communities in which they live. Referral partners include; mental health, community resource partners, legal, religious institutions and Santa Clara County Social Service Agencies.

The Bay Area Tutoring Association B.E.S.T program mitigates key risk factors. We provide our youth the power to shape changes to their mindset and choose direction for individual growth and positive life choices. We have 3 program models; After School, In Class and Summer Program. The After School Model (ASM) utilizes culturally relevant academic tutoring and our BATA Transformation Curriculum. The In Classroom Model (ICM) inserts a BATA trained (volunteer) tutor into the classroom during the school day to support teacher needs and academic skill development. BATA Transformation Curriculum activities are used to compliment classroom instruction as well. The Summer Program Model (SPM) takes a youth development centered approach utilizing the BATA Transformation Curriculum as a career pathway guide and incorporates remedial academic skill building to help youth recover credits, retain skills gained during the school year and prepare for next grade level.

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