Make a difference in a child’s life, your help is now more critical than ever.

Make a difference in a child’s life through education & Donate to Education

“How Do I Make a Difference?”

You Can Donate To Education Today.

Imagine a child giving up on learning. Struggling to keep up… becoming stressed… frustrated…

What happens to that child’s potential?

Now imagine that same child receiving extra help and attention… because of your generous gift…

Soon, the child “gets it” and realizes, “I can do this!”

Now, there are smiles, understanding, and opportunity.

With your help, we inspire life-long learning in all Bay Area children. Thus, erasing the education gap for all.

Your help is now more critical than ever.

Learning loss from remote learning more greatly affects low-income, black, and Hispanic students. Your donation to our General Fund helps keep the organization running and allows us to use your donation where it’s needed most. You can also donate directly to one of our education programs.


Here’s How You Can Donate to Education in the Bay Area

African Ancestry Academic Initiative

Provide culturally responsive academic coaching to children of African Ancestry essential workers, civil servants, educators, first responders, and others. Numerous challenges face students of African Ancestry and the schools they attend; the opportunity gap, chronic absenteeism, digital divide, underrepresentation in teaching profession and college readiness.

Students of African Ancestry are the most prone to slipping farther behind in impoverished communities when resources are scant and families are overwhelmed. BATA was approached by several businesses and non-profit organizations to develop a culturally relevant and academically rigorous program to meet this need. Your donation will make a difference today and for years to come!

College Readiness Academic Mentoring

Donate to education and inspire a child from an underserved community to prepare for and get into college.

By ethnicity, family income, and race, the percentage of high school graduates who enrolled in college in the fall has gradually climbed. Despite significant racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic differences, everyone has seen a considerable increase in college attendance after graduation.

Four-year colleges have grown faster than two-year institutions in recent years, too. However, increasing college enrollment has not resulted in significant increases in African American learners who achieve four-year degrees.

In the end, closing the achievement gap requires more than just increasing the number of college enrollees. Instead, conditions will eventually necessitate raising college completion rates among those who enroll, increasing students’ chances of completing degrees.

Fundamental changes and opportunities begin with college readiness and associated academic aid and preparations.

Code Writing Kids

Prepare a child for the future with programming literacy and computer science skills. Even primary school kids can begin to learn computing programming, despite certain prevalent misunderstandings held by many parents. Coding consists of various aspects and tasks of varying degrees of difficulty, with the essential elements well within the grasp of younger children. Youngsters as young as seven years old may learn to code, and with the correct program and learning approach, any student can grasp the basics in no time.


Donate to education and give the gift of literacy. Support reading help and provide school supplies. The program’s core goal is to help impacted youngsters develop skills. Students usually choose books to read and then discuss them with their peers in a discussion format. They can also participate in exciting everyday activities such as “readathons.”

Learners can earn prizes if they participate. Students can also make their books, which are laminated and bound specifically for them!

A skill component is also included, which builds on Common Core State Standards and improves students’ reading comprehension and writing skills. Finally, after the session, the learners are frequently given complimentary backpacks stocked with necessary school supplies to take home. As a result, your gift enables kids who would otherwise be deprived of the estate of writing and reading to get all these benefits.

Path to Excel

Give math tutoring to a child from an underserved community. The core of the program is to assist pupils in getting their math skills up to grade level. The Engage New York/Eureka Math Common Core curriculum is used in this math tutoring program. Over half of all schools in the United States utilize this curriculum.

Tutors have been pre-trained to teach this specific curriculum. They begin by leading pupils through a placement examination modeled after the Common Core Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC) state exam.

Erase the Gap

Donate to education and help foster vulnerable/homeless youth with mentoring, academic support, and other resources. Underemployed and unemployed individuals also are likely to have had low academic success in the past. Many youngsters find it difficult to stay in school, and many variables lead to them dropping out despite having the desire and drive.

Tutoring or academic aid for vulnerable or homeless learners sometimes takes a back seat to more immediate needs, like making sure that there’s food on the table and having a place to stay. A huge consequence of youth homelessness is being compelled to drop out and, in many cases, never to return.

In other cases, the factors that led to a young person’s homelessness also impacted their academic achievement. Many of these learners are on the verge of abandoning their studies. In some instances, education might not have been affected at all.

Tutoring Scholarships

Donate to education and give a child the gift of one-to-one tutoring. Regardless of background, give them access to high-quality academic support. Tutoring during and after the peak of the COVID-19 epidemic was found to have significant advantages in more than half of the existing investigations.

In 80 percent of these investigations, significant learning benefits were documented. This level of agreement is unusual in educational research, and the consistency and breadth of the findings are both surprising and encouraging.

In Chicago, for example, a two-on-one high school tutoring program allowed students to study one to two years ahead in math than they would typically learn in a school year. For success in higher education, work, or training, good grades in English and maths are essential.

Academic success discrepancies between low-income learners and their more affluent peers begin before they join a school and widen throughout their education. Thus, low-income pupils are not less skilled intellectually but lack access to adequate resources and skills.

Tutor Professional Development

Donate to education today and provide tutor training and development. This provides well-trained tutors for the children we serve and benefits the tutors.

Tutoring’s ultimate purpose is to inspire students to embrace self-directed study. Focusing on how to perform a task, providing techniques, promoting insights, respecting diversity, and developing peer-centered relationships are all ways to accomplish this. In addition, of course, they must be prepared to assist students in resolving academic issues. Still, feeling heard and at being at ease is frequently the first and most essential step before a learner becomes ready to tackle the assignment problem.

Tutoring entails much more than simply solving problems or repeating a course that was not fully comprehended in the classroom. As a result, tutors must continue to expand their knowledge of this existing educational subject through tutor professional development.

On the first tutoring session, a qualified tutor can usually discover a student’s pressing problem. The cause of the student’s troubles, on the other hand, is more difficult to pinpoint.

Nevertheless, identifying and addressing the root of the problem is critical, and it will eventually lead to the student no longer needing tutoring in specific courses or themes.

Help our tutors succeed by providing an avenue for them to get further professional training for the monumental tasks ahead.

Make A Difference Through Education