Make a difference in a child’s life through education

How do I make a difference?

Imagine a child giving up on learning. Struggling to keep up… becoming stressed… frustrated…

What happens to that child’s potential?

Now imagine that same child receiving extra help and attention… because of your generous gift…

Soon, the child “gets it” and realizes, “I can do this!”

Now, there are smiles, understanding and opportunity.

With your help, we inspire life-long learning in all Bay Area children. Erasing the education gap for all.

Your donation makes that possible.

Donate Now

Your help is now more important than ever.

Learning loss from remote learning more greatly affects low-income, black, and Hispanic students.

Your donation to our General Fund helps keep the organization running and allows us to use your donation where it’s needed most.

You can also donate directly to one of our education programs. Learn more about our programs:


COVID-19 BLM Learning Pods

Provide culturally responsive academic coaching to children of African American essential workers.

College Readiness Academic Mentoring

Inspire a child from an underserved community to prepare for and get into college.

Code Writing Kids

Prepare a child for the future with programming literacy and computer science skills.


Give the gift of literacy. Support reading help and providing school supplies.

Path to Excel

Give math tutoring to a child from an underserved community.

Erase the Gap

Help homeless and foster youth with mentoring, academic support, and other resources.

Tutoring Scholarships

Give a child the gift of one-to-one tutoring. Regardless of background, give them access to high-quality academic support.

Tutor Professional Development

Provide tutor training and development. This provides well-trained tutors for the children we serve and benefits the tutors.

Donate Now