Scholarships Available for Bay Area Tutoring Students

Tutoring is expensive. We want to help. Our donors provide funds so the Bay Area Tutoring Association can provide scholarships for our tutoring to those who need them.
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Scholarships for Tutoring

If your child is falling behind… If your child is ahead… If your child wants or needs help…

You want tutoring for your child. Just one problem – tutoring is expensive. Help is available if you need it. We have scholarships available from the generosity of our donors.

If you need help with the costs, apply for a scholarship today.

What is available?

Scholarships for our tutoring and programs cover part or all of the costs. The amount of each scholarship depends on the needs of your child.

What can scholarships be used for?

They can be used and are awarded for specific Bay Area Tutoring Association programs.

What is the amount of the scholarships?

Scholarships are awarded for a set number of tutoring sessions or for a specific program. So, the amount is based on the program or number of tutoring sessions along with your child’s need.

Are scholarships renewable?

Yes! As long as your child is participating, engaged, and benefitting from the tutoring or program, a scholarship is eligible to be renewed.

Who is eligible?

All K-12 students in the San Francisco Bay Area are eligible. Scholarships are given based on your child’s interest and need. Complete the scholarship application below.

Bay Area Tutoring Scholarship Program

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  • Student’s full name
  • Name of the student’s school
  • Student’s gender
  • Student’s ethnicity
  • Student’s current grade
  • Student’s residence zip code
  • Full name of parent, guardian, or primary caregiver
  • Type of employment
  • Current job
  • Best email address for parent, guardian, or caregiver
  • Best phone number for parent, guardian, or caregiver
  • Approximate household income