Bay Area Tutoring Association partners with all 9 Bay county school districts of all sizes, in order to efficiently and effectively increase equity, access and opportunity through public education.

We offer 3 types of research-based tutoring; high dosage, extended learning, and 1:1 online tutoring w/ same tutor.

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Research in progress from the National Student Support Accelerator at Stanford University has identified high dosage tutoring during the school day, in collaboration with classroom teachers, benchmark assessments and well trained tutors as an effective strategy to accelerate learning gains in literacy and numeracy in underserved elementary and middle school grades.

Extended learning and 1:1 online tutoring programs are highly recommended to be inserted into existing after school or extended learning programs that focus on youth development. Our focus is 100% academic focused.

Our diverse staff of tutors attend top community colleges, schools of education, psychology, engineering, and computer science at local universities including UC San Francisco, UC Berkeley, USF, Mills College, CSU East Bay, Stanford, San Jose State, Santa Clara University, Spelman, Morehouse, and UC Santa Cruz.

BATA Program Design Scope

Bay Area Tutoring Association Program Design Scope

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  • Bay Area Tutoring Association (BATA) High Dosage Tutoring is at the heart of work. We offer 1:1, small group sessions during the school day in collaboration with the teacher.

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