One-to-One online tutoring to help your child

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late

The purpose of One to One tutoring is to empower students academically. It increases the pace of learning through direct engagement. It is interactive and provides immediate feedback and results. Most studies have found One to One personalized tutoring has a major impact on advanced or struggling students in the areas of academic achievement, motivation and self-esteem. Research has also confirmed that professionally trained tutors that connect their efforts to the classroom and individual learning styles, produce the greatest academic gains.

With the state adoption of Common Core State Standards, students will be required to do more, communicate more and learn more at a faster pace in the subjects of math, reading, language arts and science.

Bay Area Tutoring Association provides trained tutors for its One to One services and prepares students for Common Core State Standards using collaborative communication between student and tutor, Socratic style tutoring dialogs and blended learning interaction.

If you have an advanced student and want to stay ahead or have a struggling student and are unsure about your child’s readiness, schedule a Common Core assessment. We can help today.

Common Core Assesment