Make sure your child is getting the most out of online learning and tutoring.

Online learning can be challenging for your child. You’ve taken a good first step to help… getting your child set up in an online learning pod.

You know that online learning is very different than being in the classroom. It takes different skills and actions to get the most out of it.

How can you help? How do you make sure your child is getting the learning they need?

Join a Caregiver Support Pod to find out.

We created these pods just for you. Their purpose is to give you what you need to help your child.

What you will learn:

  • Best ways to keep your child engaged online
  • The best environment for your child to learn
  • What to do when issues come up
  • Latest online learning practices

You’ll also go over:

  • Parent/Child activities during COVID-19
  • Social Emotional Learning (SEL) activities
  • Supporting your child without doing the work
  • Building productive teacher/parent relationships
  • And more…

Pods meet twice a month. Each session is a 90-minute Q&A where you can ask anything.

Joining a Caregiver Support Pod shows your child that you are in it with them. It also gives you the tools to ensure your child succeeds with online learning.

Join a pod today.

Join a Support Pod