STEAM Enrichment Programs


Why Should I Care About STEAM?

The need for U.S. children to be interested in STEAM is vital to future generations. Innovations and skilled individuals in these areas are the inspiration and life blood which will sustain the global economy. And while the Arts have not been commonly included in STEAM discussions, Dee Dickinson of John Hopkins School of Education, accurately stated the Arts are recognized as the universal interactive cross cultural occupation. The Arts also touch all core academic subjects in nontraditional teaching ways. They include symbols and systems. They develop independence, collaboration, creativity and content problem solving. STEAM is very similar to Computer Science, as the number of students interested or prepared to enter into STEAM fields are significantly below what will be needed to fulfill the employment opportunities of the next decade.

Through its strategic Bay Area partnerships, Bay Area Tutoring Association offers online and onsite interactive STEAM enrichment programs which increase students awareness and interest.

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Attention Parents! Is your child interested in science, technology, engineering, math or computer science? Do you want your child to be as prepared as possible for a future career in a lucrative industry? Are you ready for your child to reach new heights and become more self-motivated? We invite you to participate in the Summer STEM & Computer Science Virtual Academy.

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