Code Writing for Kids Description: 

Code writing for kids returns for the Spring starting Saturday, March 7,  2020, Milpitas students in grades 4th – 6th may sign up for up to 6 free workshops. Attendees will get more than just an introduction to programming. They will develop their skills and knowledge of computer science by creating their own projects using the object (block-based) oriented programming language on Scratch. They will learn and apply Computer Science concepts such as algorithms, variables, and conditionals statements. Students will further develop skills that are the foundation of any programmer’s toolset while learning how to think like a programmer. Each student will be provided a laptop for use in the classroom, but students are welcome to bring their own laptops. Parents are welcome to observe or volunteer. Limited Space (30) students.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1.  Do I have to bring a computer?

No. However, you may bring a computer if you’d like. Milpitas Extention of SJCC provides laptops for the class. The tools used for class save your work online so you will also have the opportunity to work on your projects at home. 

2. Can we miss a session?

Each session is unique and teaches a different skill. You may register to attend one or more during the sign-up period. We ask you to sign up only for the classes you are able to attend. 

3.  Who are the instructors?

The instructors are college students and graduates that major in computer science, engineering, math, science, psychology, English, etc. They are also part-time teachers and professionals who work in computer programming, design animation and technology industries.

4.     How are the classes divided?

Each class is divided into small groups based on grade and ability to ensure all students have a positive experience.

5.     Will there be advanced classes available?

Yes. We are working with several Bay Area partners to offer advanced level courses either online or in-person; including AI, Machine Learning, Python and Java. 

Note: Students will meet in the lobby and escorted to the classroom. Please pick up your students on time and be respectful of the facility. WiFi is available for caregivers who would like to remain on-premise and wait for students.