This morning was the final session of the Colors of Code Coding School!  This Fall program ran for eight weeks, from Sept. 15 until Nov. 3.  Each class was held at the Milpitas Extension of San Jose Community College, and began at 9:30AM and ended at 11:00AM.

Throughout the eight-week program, students worked on Typing Club,, and Scratch Programming.  Students learned about different types of loops, such as while loops and for loops, in addition to events, if statements, bugs, and debugging.  They employed their skills through guided lessons on, and more creatively on the Scratch website.

Elementary schoolers of all ages participated in Colors of Code.  Our youngest student was in kindergarten, while our oldest was in sixth grade.  Curriculum was differentiated to meet the specific needs of each student.

Great Job Junior Coders!  We are so proud of every student who participated in Colors of Code!