We believe tutoring is more than helping students improve their academic performance. It’s building relationships, sharing knowledge, empathy and bi-directional leadership development. If you’ve been a tutor, had a tutor, needed a tutor or know a tutor well, this challenge is for you! The Bay Area Tutoring Association will feature these amazing tutors, their businesses, stories of leadership, productive struggle (challenges), positive impact, and self-discovery in its newsletter and social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Meetup, Pinterest, Twitter etc.)

We want those inner authentic stories, creative pictures and inspiring captions of all shapes and sizes. For this challenge, tell your tutoring story with a photo that connects readers to that story (e.g. a photo of you with your tutor or tutee, a photo of you studying).

There are 5 winners who earn 30%, 20%, 10%, 10% and 10% of the prize pool. There may also be special prizes outside of the normal prize pool, depending on the story and impact. Bay Area Tutoring Association is also providing 1 year free Bay Area Tutoring Association membership to all contestants from the Bay Area. Everyone is guaranteed to win something for participating.

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