Vanita Cillo Completes Service Hours as Alameda County Library Tutoring Pods Program Tutor

Dear Mr. Reyes of Bay Area Tutoring Association,
I am working with the Bay Area Tutoring Association (BATA) during my senior year at San Jose State University… During my time at BATA, I am able to tutor children in math, science, and English as part of BATA’s Alameda County Library tutoring agreements.
I just wanted to tell you what a fabulous job you are doing. During this entire period, you are always just a text away if I need help or guidance. I appreciate your reminders and helpful lesson plans. I also appreciate the time and dedication you have given to our class in the Wednesday site meetings.
We usually go over topics such as social justice, food insecurity, or education equality, and your input is appreciated.  Your presentations are always enlightening and well planned.  I especially appreciate you taking over my class for a few minutes if Zoom kicks us out and doing all of the technical things to manage the breakout rooms and children.  You are to be commended!  It’s a lot!
My experience serving at BATA changed my perspective especially as we work with low-income families and kids who really need guidance.  Some challenges I have learned to overcome is dealing with children under 10 and keeping them engaged and involved.
I have tried to make the learning process fun and give them constant praise and encouragement.  This experience is very relevant to me as I have considered buying a Mathnasium franchise.  I believe helping kids who do not have the resources for private tutoring is especially important.
Conducting my service hours within BATA has proven to be a valuable experience and an effective way to gain experience and expand my professional network.  As the course draws to a conclusion and I am completing my service hours, I wanted to properly thank you and your professional team for this opportunity.

Sincerely,                                                                                        Learn more about our Online Learning Pods

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