October’s Tutor Highlight is Saailey!

This month’s Tutor Highlight is Saailey Palekar, a dedicated student who has a passion for education and helping her community.

Saailey is a sophomore at Monta Vista High School with a diverse range of talents and a deep commitment to making a positive impact. As she puts it, “Tutoring has been an incredible journey for me. My favorite part is connecting with students from different backgrounds; as many of them are my age, it’s easier for them to connect with me and that makes the process more fun!”

Saailey is not only passionate about tutoring but also values the personal growth it brings. In her words, “I have realized that when I explain and help students better understand concepts, it helps deepen my own understanding.”

Beyond her tutoring endeavors, Saailey is a dedicated dancer pursuing a diploma in Kathak, an Indian Classical Dance form. Saailey’s artistic talents extend to creating art and music, with the piano being her chosen instrument. In her leisure time, she enjoys crocheting and watching her favorite TV shows. With her dedication to education and the arts, Saailey Palekar is a shining example of a young student making a positive impact on her community.

Thank you Saailey for continuing to make a difference in the lives of students! For more Tutor Highlights like these head over to our blog to read more!