August’s Tutor Highlight is Jordyn!

Introducing August’s Tutor Highlight, Jordyn! Jordyn is a passionate lifelong learner with deep roots in the Bay Area. Her journey from the broader realm of the education sector to a classroom setting has been nothing short of inspiring. Let’s get to know more about her fascinating journey and the wisdom she carries from her experiences!

“Hi there, I’m Jordyn born and raised in the Bay Area. I got involved with BATA at the start of 2023 during a career pivot. I’ve always worked in the education sector, and am thriving with my recent switch back to the classroom. Because of this change, I’m exploring my own education options to further the scope of my work with students.

I personally am most passionate about language acquisition and the science of communication, and I plan to pursue an education path that allows me to incorporate into my dream job the values and skills which tutoring has given me.

For me, tutoring has always been about finding out which missing links will lead a student to cement their understanding and achieve their goals. When I began formally tutoring my peers in elementary school, I discovered that forming connections between prior knowledge and new concepts can unlock barriers to learning outcomes. It’s so rewarding to observe students grow in confidence as they build their fundamental critical thinking skill-set, as well as specific subject matter knowledge. I am genuinely grateful for getting to provide support to others on their educational journeys.”

Thank you Jordyn for continuing to make a difference in the lives of students! For more Tutor Highlights like these head over to our blog to read more!