Provide Funding for Tutoring to the Most Vulnerable

Every child, regardless of their socioeconomic background, should have access to high quality academic support.

Tutoring Scholarships for Students allows all students, not just the financially privileged, to receive consistent one-to-one tutoring with our trained tutors.

Interested families first submit requests for tutoring services and support. Once approved for a scholarship, we analyze our tutor base to find the best fit tutor for that student.

Once a student is matched to a tutor, they connect, exchanging contact information, and solidify a schedule that is convenient for the student, and agree to stick to it.

This action serves to instill the principles of organization, time management, and discipline in the student.

During the first few sessions, the tutor will assess the student’s strengths and areas for improvement. The tutor tracks their student’s progress over time.

This log is shared with the student’s family as well, so that they are always in the loop. One-to-one tutoring relationships stand the test of time: they are long-term.

Students may go on to work with their tutor for years, and an amazing bond can form as a result.

Students often open up as time goes on, and they allow their tutor to check on their missing assignments, assist with writing important emails to their teachers if needed, and to monitor their grades.

The tutor will begin to learn how to best serve the needs of their student and will adjust their approach as needed.

In the same vein, the student will also uncover new things about themselves, such as subjects they enjoy learning about, and how they best absorb new information.

These relationships are truly meaningful, and the tutor becomes a mentor and friend to their student. Someone who is always there to coach the student, cheering them on through their successes and showing empathetic support when they need someone to talk to.

Your donation empowers all children to reach their full potential with the help of one-to-one tutoring.

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