Path to Excel Program Provides Math Tutoring

This program brings together PathToExcel, a San Jose-based educational technology company that offers a one-to-one math tutoring program, and Allstars United Education Foundation.

The goal is to help bring students up to grade level in math. This math tutoring program utilizes Engage New York/Eureka Math Common Core curriculum. This curriculum is used by over 50% of schools in the United States.

Tutors are trained to teach this specific curriculum in advance. They start by guiding students in taking a placement test which simulates the Common Core Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC) state test.

This test kills two birds with one stone: It prepares the tutors to provide the most personalized teaching strategy possible and prepares test-takers for upcoming standardized tests like the actual SBAC or college admissions exams.

Tutors analyze the academic habits and patterns of the student during the testing phase. Armed with this knowledge, they can effectively pinpoint their student’s needs.

Tutors then construct curated, individualized lesson plans to meet the needs of each student.

Further, PathtoExcel employs a proprietary online application. This online learning management platform allows students and tutors to interact. The tutors can assign lessons and track student progress.

The interface is user-friendly even for the youngest of students. Students can both catch up to their grade level and dive deeper into core concepts if they are already at grade level.

After each session, there is “homework”. This involves the student practicing that day’s lesson at home, using the interactive practice system embedded in the application.

Students are finished with their homework when they complete 100% of the problems accurately. Depending on the student’s performance, tutors may also assign further practice to demonstrate proficiency.

State-of-the-art learning tools are also available, including Personal Learning Devices, tablets that only have the applications needed for this program.

This tablet does not require an internet connection. When working without a connection, answers are stored on the device, and the tutor is updated when the student is able to connect at a later time.

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