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Now imagine that child receiving extra help and attention because of your generous gift.

Path To Excel Program Provides Math Tutoring

This is PathToExcel

This program brings together PathToExcel, a San Jose-based educational technology company that offers a one-to-one math tutoring program, and Allstars United Education Foundation. The goal is to help bring students up to grade level in math. This math tutoring program utilizes Engage New York/Eureka Math Common Core curriculum. This curriculum is used by over 50% of schools in the United States.

Tutors are trained to teach this specific curriculum in advance. They start by guiding students in taking a placement test that simulates the Common Core Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC) state test. This test kills two birds with one stone: It prepares the tutors to provide the most personalized teaching strategy possible and prepares test-takers for upcoming standardized tests like the actual SBAC or college admissions exams.

Tutors analyze the academic habits and patterns of the student during the testing phase. Armed with this knowledge, they can effectively pinpoint their student’s needs.

Tutors then construct curated, individualized lesson plans to meet the needs of each student. Further, PathtoExcel employs a proprietary online application. This online learning management platform allows students and tutors to interact. The tutors can assign lessons and track student progress. The interface is user-friendly, even for the youngest of students. Students can catch up to their grade level and dive deeper into core concepts if they are already at grade level.

After each session, there is “homework.” This involves the student practicing that day’s lesson at home, using the interactive practice system embedded in the application.

Students are finished with their homework when they complete 100% of the problems accurately. Depending on the student’s performance, tutors may also assign further practice to demonstrate proficiency.

State-of-the-art learning tools are also available, including Personal Learning Devices, tablets that only have the applications needed for this program.

This tablet does not require an internet connection. When working without a connection, answers are stored on the device, and the tutor is updated when the student can connect later. Your generous donation gives needed math tutoring to a child. Give math literacy today.

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The Benefits of Math Tutoring Programs like PathToExcel

The advantages of tutoring differ from learner to learner, but there is no doubt that tutoring does offer a myriad of benefits to learners, regardless of their ability level. For example, tutoring can help students who have trouble keeping up with their studies or challenge those who need a little help in specific subject areas, like mathematics. In addition, tutors can push pupils without making them feel judged or carrying the emotional baggage of working with teachers or parents on schoolwork. This is something that educators see a lot.

Students frequently prefer to work with a tutor instead of their parents or teachers. And this is understandable!

In most cases, a tutoring connection is more down-to-earth, and students feel less pressure with a tutor than a teacher in a classroom. Of course, parents provide some stress at home (this varies), but students can warm up to tutors more easily for various reasons. First, students feel at ease in the presence of tutors. Second, they understand that they will not be judged if they ask questions or don’t get something immediately.

Students who receive tutoring gain access to a more personalized learning environment. When individuals communicate their own scientific/mathematical ideas in a tutoring session, they can learn tough subjects like math and science more effectively. This is quite important. Many kids are never allowed to express themselves freely in huge classrooms.

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Math Tutoring and Active Learning

Tutors can use techniques like the “active learning” method during tutoring sessions. Active learning practices have been shown to assist pupils in learning and retaining subject information in various studies. The goal of active learning is for students to be actively involved in the process.

They are invited to reflect on how they approach problems. It acts as a link between the worksheet or tasks that students are working on and the actual learning. Learning does not happen by accident. It isn’t just something that happens when pupils finish their assignments. When the learning environment is purposefully built based on scientific data, learning occurs.

According to a large body of data, students are better able to retain information and attain their targeted learning goals when they tackle tough problems with the help of a tutor, teacher, or classmates.

Tutors ultimately aid students in developing academic skills and assisting them in areas where they are having difficulty, and preparing them with improved work and study skills. Students’ overall academic achievement will improve due to the added layer of preparedness and confidence they get from tutoring. This self-assurance will permeate every facet of a student’s life. First, it has an impact on how they present themselves in class. Second, it boosts their ability to connect seemingly disparate thoughts. Finally, it provides them with a stable foundation and confidence on which to build future triumphs.

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How Students Stay on Track with Math Tutoring

Students are more likely to stay on track with their assignments and complete activities when a math tutor holds them accountable. When a student is well-prepared for their subject and does not feel overwhelmed, they are more likely to complete homework and other school-related duties. This is beneficial in a variety of ways. To begin with, it is always best to be prepared! This alone is highly beneficial to students. A prepared student will begin completing assignments on time. Finally, they are aware of when their homework is due and what is expected of them.

Tutoring programs assist students in learning in a way that is most successful for them.
This is appropriate for students who require an additional challenge and pupils who need a slower pace and more personalized instruction. Learners simply don’t have the same pace.

This is why lecture-based learning frequently fails pupils and leaves a large number of them behind. The course must be completed, and those who are unable to keep up will be sacrificed.

Tutoring allows pupils to learn work and study skills that they might otherwise lose out on in a more formalized school setting. In addition, students will benefit both within and outside of school from the social, behavioral, and independence skills they gain via tutoring.

These abilities apply to all aspects of life. Tutoring teaches students how to set and achieve goals. It instills in children the value of settling down with a subject and focusing on it. Tutoring also teaches pupils that asking for aid and seeking assistance from others is acceptable.

Students eventually learn how to pace their learning and take charge of their education through tutoring. When a student believes they can learn more effectively because of the additional tools that tutoring provides, they are less likely to feel that they are being left behind. They will also be less likely to feel ashamed of asking for help.

Tutoring puts the student in control of the situation. They are immediately in control of their education. Students are transferred to a block of time where they must direct their learning rather than being passive observers in class. Of course, with assistance! The student frequently directs the tutor. “This is where I need help,” the pupil says. This is the problem I’m having.” Those are valuable abilities! Tutoring helps students become more aware of their flaws and strengths in this way. This is beneficial while learning or improving any ability.

Tutoring can assist learners in making school more enjoyable. Encouragement and praise in the classroom can help with school-related frustrations. Furthermore, the confidence gained via tutoring makes pupils feel more prepared for more challenging academic contexts.

A student’s general confidence will rise as they gain confidence in their capacity to excel in school and other academic contexts. As students grow more successful, the strategies taught in personalized tutoring increase their self-esteem and confidence.

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Now imagine that child receiving extra help and attention because of your generous gift.