Give our Tutors the Professional Development Needed to Best Help Our Students

Tutor Professional Development at BATA involves a multipronged approach.

From training modules to a multitude of virtual, interactive demonstrations, tutors are armed with the tools they need to lead students to success.

Tutors are educated on why tutoring is so vital, the ins and outs of Common Core State Standards, which have been the “law of the land” in California since 2010, and best practices.

They learn the benefits of tutoring for the tutee, the tutor, and society at large. The ideal traits and tools a tutor should have, and how to run a tutoring session.

They are prepped on how to maintain a culturally competent lens while tutoring, the different learning styles students may have, learning disabilities and how to identify them, and the study skills they should be instilling in their students.

BATA also provides rubrics for evaluating the tutor. Feedback is often requested from tutoring clients in order to evaluate what is going well and what could be improved.

All tutors also attend mandatory trainings for the specific video conferencing application they will be using to tutor, which is typically Zoom, but sometimes Google Meet or Microsoft Teams.

These trainings are required prior to beginning any tutoring with students, as they cover how to best utilize the features of the software as it pertains to tutoring.

Tutors are also highly encouraged to attend Personal Development trainings, where BATA staff provide a deep dive into the nuances of tutoring, including:

  • The differences between teaching and tutoring
  • How to develop a respectful and productive tutor-student relationship
  • Learning theory
  • Critical thinking
  • Social and emotional learning (SEL), and
  • Self-regulatory behavior, among other topics.

BATA provides copies of these presentations to the tutors after attending any training so that they are able to go back and reference the material as needed, including any hyperlinked resources embedded in the slides.

Your donation to this program gives us the ability to train more tutors and to provide more professional development opportunities to our tutors.

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