Dec 20, 2015:

Location: San Pedro Square Market- Downtown San Jose, CA

This is a great opportunity to give back during the holidays.  Meet fellow tutors, academic coaches, parents and volunteers in the area while spending a couple of hours on a Sunday creating “Happy Mail” (cards and letters) for children all over the United States who have chronic illnesses. There are many individuals to choose from for sending the Happy Mail to. Markers, crafting supplies, and paper will be available, but feel free to bring anything you have, especially stationery.

We get our information from an organization called Send kids the World. They provide names, contact information, and the list of the children’s hobbies and interests at the request of the parents. We will print out the info of a few children whose birthdays are coming up. You can go over them and choose who to write to.

The site recommends we write happy mail instead of “get well” mail “because some of the kids will not “get well.” And we don’t want to remind them of it. Write to them about their hobbies, their interests, their siblings.

We will bring a box of crafting supplies for all of us to use. If you have old magazines or ads, please bring them. If you bring arts and crafts tool(s), please keep track of them.

Special thanks to Silicon Valley Volunteers for co-hosting this Meetup Event.