Sep 4, 2016:
Who: 100 students 7th – 11th grade (50 young men & 50 young women)

What: The Silicon Valley Black Chamber of Commerce, Compton Chamber of Commerce and two regional non-profit organizations have accepted the opportunity to create future VR, AR and MR technologists, employees and producers within the urban communities of Northern and Southern California.

Dhat Stone High Tech Learning Academy of Compton California and Bay Area Tutoring Association of the S.F. Bay Area, founders and co-producers of the first “We Are Code” Virtual Reality Hackathon provide young people with technology trends insight, hackathon experiences, computer programming, virtual reality training workshops and academic tutoring services to ensure academic, career and life success.

During the Labor Day weekend (Sept. 3-4, 2016), the two organizations will host their first annual “We Are Code” programming competition between youth teams in Compton, CA (SoCal) and Oakland, CA (NorCal). The event will involve up to one hundred 7-to-11th graders from each area. The Northern California host facility will be the East Oakland Youth Development Center. The Southern California host will be NASA Columbia Memorial Space Center.

Students will learn about Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality (PokeMon GO) industries, create ideas for different types of smart device, mobile and web applications while going head-to-head with students 500+ miles away! The event will have live streaming between venues, technology presentations, coding classes, celebrity guest speakers, local public officials and more.

When: Labor Day Weekend Sept 3, Sept 4 9:00am – 9:00pm

Where: East Oakland Youth Development Center, 8200 International Blvd, Oakland, CA 94621

Why: To unlock the technology talent pool trapped inside S.F. Bay Area inner city youth