Apr 15, 2015:

Bay Area Tutoring Association received a $7500 grant from KLA Tencor in April 2015 for our Code Writing Kids Program. With the grant, we hosted two 8 week Introductory Linux/Python workshops for middle school boys and girls at Thomas Russell Middle School and Rancho Middle School in Milpitas.
Students began with┬áthe fundamental paradigm visible in every aspect of computer science – how computers work, hardware receives input, software is used to process it, and the output is displayed back to the user. Students learned Linux operating system and its history, examined the storage of data, especially in text files, the use of Linux commands to process that data in various ways and to write simple software applications. Students also learned the history of the Python programming language, how to store and manipulate data with functions and variables, and use control structures to control the flow of code.

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