This past summer, Bay Area Tutoring held the Summer Code Writing for Kids Camps, for students grades 1-8 of all levels of experience!  Our Summer Code Writing for Kids Camps improved the students’ math, keyboarding, critical thinking and reasoning and test taking skills, all while building academic confidence and fueling their desire to become a code writer.  Kids learned how to debug, leverage their creativity, work in teams and increase their programming ability using Scratch and other cool, kid-friendly, computer programming platforms!

Two different sessions were held this summer, at Spangler Elementary School in Milpitas, from Monday-Friday:

Session I: June 16 – July 3
Session II: July 7 – July 24
Session I ran from 8:30 AM until 4:00 PM, with the option of half-day participation that ended at 12:00 PM.  Meanwhile, Session II ran from 8:30 AM until 12:00 PM.  For both sessions, parents were given the option of one-week or three-week long participation.
Each week, kids developed coding practices through a wide variety of hands on activities and online coding and animation platforms including Khan Academy, BYOB and Scratch, the #1 kid friendly coding platform in the United States.

First through third graders learned to build a strong foundation for programming, using problem solving to figure out coding puzzles, and how to create stories and animations.  Fourth through eighth graders learned more complex concepts and game design, how to create simple games and math art, and how to apply logic and algorithmic thinking.

Many coding concepts were introduced, including:  Commands , Sequences, Loops, Events, Parallelism, Conditionals, Operators, UI Control, Data-Custom Variables, Data-Custom Lists, Data-Custom Blocks, Built-in Variables and Data-Operators with Variables.

Throughout the entire course, kids learned to begin with the end in mind. They learned and applied “Design Think,” “Concept Think,” Create, Innovate, Animate, and of course, Code!