College Readiness and Mentoring Presentation Description:

Join us to get ready for college on Tuesday, June 2, 2020! College readiness and mentoring (C.R.A.M.) presentation helps every student and family learn more about the path to college. We have partnered with Destiny Tutoring and Book Academy to ease any concerns you have about how COVID-19 can affect your college path and educate you on all the factors you need to know to get ready for college. We want to help students and families, ideally between 6th to 12th grade on finding their path to higher education. We will go over crucial information topics listed below. Due to the unprecedented time because COVID-19, we want to make sure you have all the tools necessary to look into college through a remote meeting. The Zoom link is listed when you register!

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Informational Topics:

A – Application Process for UC, CSU, and Others

E- Educational Options for High School Graduates

I – Insight into the First Year College Experience

O- Overview of the CSU Early Assessment Program

U – Understanding the California Community College Transfer Process

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