Regardless if you’re a parent, teacher, or tutor, with the beginning of school, a lot of you are sharing the same concerns – how do we get the best education for our students? As school begins, many people have asked us where to find tutors/teachers/help for their children on difficult subjects ranging from AP Calculus BC to FAFSA applications.

On Friday, October 23, an open house for tutors, parents, students, educators, financial aid advisors, and teachers was held at the Critosphere in Fremont.  The event lasted from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM.  Parents were given the opportunity to meet experienced tutors, counselors, and experts in all subjects, such as English, AP Bio, AP Physics, AP Calc, and so on.  They were also given the opportunity to learn about FAFSA applications and preparation for the SAT II, SAT, and ACT.

Other opportunities were offered for discovering:
-The latest tactics and strategies to getting into the college you want
-How to find, vet, and hire the best tutor/teacher for whatever skill you’re trying to improve
-Where there are free resources available for parents/students with questions

Thank you to all who attended this informative conference!