SAT/ACT Prep is back for the late summer!  Bay Area Tutoring Association uses the SAT/ACT curriculum and practice tests to enhance your students’ math, critical reading and writing skills. Test-taking approaches, practice questions and sample essays for review and analysis are covered in depth. We provide the materials and over 10 years of experience helping students prepare for the single most important test they’ll take in high school.

Two more sessions were this July and August to help students prepare for their SATs and ACTs.  Each session was two hours long, and ran every week for four weeks.  SAT prep sessions were held on every Saturday, while ACT prep sessions were held on every Friday.  The dates of the sessions can be found below:

Session I: Week of June 23rd – Week of July 25th  (no sessions over 4th of July)

Session II: Week of July 28th – Week of August 18th