The Youth Justice Academic Success Program partners with community-based organizations serving high risk youth to improve their academic performance, and college and career pathway readiness. Once the registration form is completed by the case manager and student, the case manager will be contacted within 48 hours by email and/or phone to determine next steps. Legal caregiver (parent/guardian) permission is required. All tutoring services will be performed online and all participating youth must have a good working computer, internet and the ability to access school work and homework assignments online. Tutoring start date and times are determined by youth availability, tutor availability, subject matter, and available funding. For any additional questions, please email


Who should be filling out this form?

The registration form for tutoring can be completed by the student’s Case Manager or any third-party partner who has a current working relationship with the student.

The registration is not to be filled out by the parent, caregiver or guardian.

Is there a minimum/maximum number of hours for tutoring?

The minimum number of hours our program provides is 8, and the maximum number of hours is 12.

How are tutoring hours scheduled?

Once the registration form has been completed, the student/parent/caregiver/guardian will be contacted directly by the tutor to set up sessions. The sessions dates, times, and length of sessions will be coordinated directly with the student or the student’s parent/caregiver/guardian.

What happens if you can’t get a hold of the student to set up sessions?

We will try to email, call and text the student and parent, caregiver or guardian. If we can’t reach the student, an email will be sent to the Case Manager to alert them that we have had no response from the student. At that time, the Case Manager can reach out to the student or cancel tutoring sessions.

How do we see the progress of the student?

Once sessions have been set-up, the Case Manager and parent, caregiver or guardian will receive a google link to their students private tutoring tab, which will have details on each of the tutoring sessions.

Who do I contact if I’d like to change tutors?

Who do I contact for any questions or concerns I have about tutoring?