Naomi Chia, Path to Excel Program Tutor

Since COVID-19, a lot of our tutors related to feeling uneasy about tutoring through an online format. It was a new frontier that many teachers, tutors, and students were nervous to experience. Naomi Chia, a Bay Area Tutoring Association tutor describes her emotions during this time.
Naomi is a “4th-year student at the University of California, Santa Barbara studying Global Studies with a double minor in Education and Asian American Studies. My prior tutoring experience includes tutoring in TK, 1st grade, and 6th-grade classrooms in the Goleta Unified School District. I’ve also worked as a teacher’s assistant at a children’s science camp in Orange County.” While she has had the proper experience of tutoring her students, COVID-19 required her to use her knowledge and skills in a way she has never had to before.
“Beginning my journey as a tutor, I felt incredibly apprehensive about my abilities as an educator. I’ve never experienced teaching online, so this was new territory for both the tutor and student, which could have a variety of complications. However, the students and I all picked up the routine fairly quickly, especially thanks to the training I received from both Bay Area Tutoring Association and Path to Excel.” Path to Excel is a program that allows for distance learning and tutoring to occur.
Naomi used her training when tutoring her “first student, Pax, who has shown great progress on the Engage NY math curriculum, through the Path to Excel program. This program has shown me so much regarding technology’s impact on education. I am eternally grateful for this opportunity to work one-on-one with students and to contribute to their academic success.”
Thank you for being brave enough to try online tutoring and helping your students in any way you can. We appreciate your work, Naomi!