October’s Tutor Highlight Alaysia M. About Her Work on the BLM Tutoring Program, the African Ancestry Tutoring Program and the Piedmont Middle Program

Alaysia M.

How did you get involved with BATA? 
I got involved with BATA by applying to be a tutor for the African Ancestry after school program in September 2021

Tell us about a time that was especially meaningful for you as a volunteer at BATA? 
I had a student tell me that she wanted to be a teacher. This student had expressed that she had favored myself and another tutor during that time, and she created her own “class” on Google Classroom where I was one of her “students.” She would give me “assignments” that I had to complete before I met with her, and I was encouraged to know that, through BATA, I was able to make such an impact on an important part of her life that I could positively mold her future.

How have the students responded to you? 
Students have responded well to me and I have been able to make connections with several students across multiple programs.

What subject(s) are you passionate about? 
I am passionate about elementary and middle grades Math and English

What do you enjoy most about tutoring? 
Connecting with my students in a way that is more personable than what they might experience in a regular school setting. I enjoy demonstrating different ways of learning so that the students are having fun while still being engaged.

Why is it important to tutor students? 
There are many students who need the additional help outside their regular instructional hours. Offering this additional help can act as supplemental instruction as well, where students can receive a more direct instructional approach.

How has working with BATA had an impact on you? 
It’s had a positive impact on my aspirations as far as my career goals. I am currently pursuing a teaching degree, and the programs that I have been able to participate in with this company has encouraged me to challenge my own limitations and knowledge in order to effectively reach students from diverse backgrounds.

What has been the biggest surprise about volunteering at BATA? 
The culture of the organization. I enjoy working at an organization that has been founded by and supports POC and has a central goal to reach students of diverse communities and backgrounds.

Any words of encouragement for potential volunteers? 
Potential volunteers should be encouraged to know that there is a place for you at BATA no matter who you are, where you’re from, or what you look like. You’ll be supported and appreciated throughout your time here at BATA, and that appreciation will be made evident in many different ways. You won’t be just another person working here. You are a valued member of a movement that is striving to make positive changes for future generations.

At BATA, tutors are the foundation of the Association and our greatest asset.  Thank you Alaysia for making a difference!

If you want to get involved and make an impact with students in your community click: https://bayareatutor.org/i-want-to-volunteer-covid/ for more information