September’s Tutor Highlight is Alyssa!

In this month’s Tutor Highlight, we shine the spotlight on Alyssa, a dedicated individual who combines her passion for education with her studies in social and behavioral sciences.

A full-time college student, Alyssa is currently pursuing a degree in social and behavioral sciences. However, her academic commitments haven’t deterred her from engaging in the enriching experience of tutoring. For Alyssa, tutoring is more than just an academic endeavor; it’s an opportunity to make genuine connections. Every new student brings a unique story and potential, and Alyssa finds delight in tapping into that potential, helping them toward academic success. As Alyssa puts it, “I love meeting new students and getting to work with all of them. It makes me happy to be able to make a difference in their life and push them to succeed.” Her sentiments truly echo her belief that her role goes beyond just imparting knowledge; it’s about making a real impact in the lives of these students.

Alyssa’s enthusiasm for tutoring is a testament to her commitment to education and her genuine desire to make a difference. As she continues her own academic journey, she remains an inspiring figure for her students, showing them the power of dedication, hard work, and the joy of learning.

Thank you Alyssa for continuing to make a difference in the lives of students! For more Tutor Highlights like these head over to our blog to read more!