November’s Tutor Highlight Nicole W. on Her Time Working on the Eden Housing Program

Nicole W.

What program(s) did you work on?:
Eden Housing

Tell us about a time that was especially meaningful for you as a volunteer at BATA?
Being a volunteer for BATA means a lot to me. I am a teacher from Switzerland and am passionate about helping and guiding young people on their educational journey. BATA allows me to continue my passion. My first student is an elementary school student who has a lot of energy and doesn’t like sitting down for an hour to have an online meeting about homework and complex school subjects. We figured out together that it would help him to have little breaks during our sessions. So, we structure our sessions with different forms of movement every ten minutes, like jumping jacks or stretching. Since then, we have worked together more effectively and for extended periods of time. It is rewarding to be able to respond to the needs of learners in individual lessons.

How did you get involved with BATA?
I moved to the Bay Area 10 weeks ago and was looking for tutoring opportunities. That’s when I came across BATA.

How long have you been a volunteer with BATA?
I started being a volunteer for BATA two months ago, a few weeks after I moved to the US.

How have the students responded to you?
The students have responded well to me and enjoy working with me.

What subject(s) are you passionate about?
I am very passionate about Math and English.

What do you enjoy most about tutoring?
I find it interesting to respond to students and their needs. It is not only exciting to find out how students learn best but also to observe their progress from week to week.

Why is it important to tutor students?
Tutoring provides learners with a safe environment in which they can make mistakes. They have time to develop and reflect on their learning. Individual strengths can be identified to promote self-confidence in their abilities.

How has working with BATA had an impact on you?
Working with BATA has given me a new perspective on teaching that will help me in my future work as a teacher.

What has been the biggest surprise about volunteering at BATA?
I was thrilled to hear about all the different projects BATA implements. It is great to see how BATA finds a way to support people in every possible way.

Any words of encouragement for potential volunteers:
Not sure whether you want to start volunteering? Do it! Being a volunteer is the most fun and rewarding experience.

At BATA, tutors are the foundation of the Association and our greatest asset.  Thank you Nicole for making a difference!

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