November’s Tutor Highlight is Yvonne S!

This month’s Tutor Highlight is Yvonne S.¬†Yvonne, originally from South Korea and raised in the United States, is a notable addition to the BATA tutoring team with her diverse academic and professional experiences.

Yvonne graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in Cognitive Science and Economics, integrating disciplines like Computer Science, Neurobiology, Psychology, Linguistics, and Philosophy.

Her career journey began at Deloitte as a consultant, transitioning to a product manager role at LinkedIn. Yvonne now furthers her career at Nomad Health, a startup focused on connecting healthcare professionals with hospitals. Aside from her professional life, she is passionate about writing, reading, spending time with her pets, and engaging in yoga and pilates.

Yvonne’s decision to tutor stems from her belief in the power of education as a tool for change. She recognizes the inequities in educational quality linked to environmental factors and is motivated to address this through her involvement with BATA. Her role as a tutor transcends teaching; it’s a commitment to a mission she believes is life-changing for students. Yvonne’s blend of academic excellence, professional expertise, and personal interests makes her an invaluable asset to the BATA team.

Thank you Yvonne for continuing to make a difference in the lives of students! For more Tutor Highlights like these head over to our blog to read more!