Anh Nguyen finds success as a Santa Clara County Library Tutoring Pods Program Tutor

Dear Alexander Reyes of Bay Area Tutoring Association,

I have learned many things during my experience of being a tutor, being that it was my first time I never thought I would gain so much insight and experience with teaching young kids through a pandemic.

I thought my fears would dominate me because I did not want to let you down or my kid down, but I realized with patience, and effort it improved me in so many aspects.

I was able to learn how to effectively communicate with my kid, use Zoom’s features to teach my kid things that would help her out on her math homework better, and how to be mindful of my kid if she had anxiety or had a bad day.

I was able to learn the responsibilities of doing everything to my best capability with the allotted time I had for the session, maximize my learning skills to teach things as effectively as possible, etc.

You made it easier for me to be open-minded as possible and to be prepared in every situation I can so that I was able to maneuver my sessions as smoothly as possible.

This experience in this program has developed my communication skills, it has made me touch base with my old roots of learning as a child and taking those skills to help my kids in the best way possible.

I feel like I have become more attentive and proactive in my tutoring experience, and it makes me feel even more eager to help others in the future the same way I was taught during this program altogether.

I am genuinely appreciative of all the growth, and knowledge I have gained as well through all the site seminars we have had. Thank you for the time and care you have given us throughout this program.

Sincerely,                                                                                    Learn more about our Online Learning Pods

Anh Nguyen, San Jose State University                                     Learn more about Becoming a tutor

Anh Nguyen - Learning pod tutor