When tutoring with Bay Area Tutoring Association (BATA), you can help make a positive impact for students across the Bay Area who have been struggling to comprehend certain subjects. With the shift to distance learning, the achievement gap for these students has expanded, but with your help, we can make close this gap one session at a time.

Take for instance our Early Math tutor, Gurleen. When asked about her experience with Bay Area Tutoring Association, Gurleen explained, ” I joined BATA at the time when COVID-19 hit everyone’s lives. I remember I applied and interviewed for a tutoring position at Bay Area Tutoring 2 years back but I joined now and I feel this is the appropriate time to begin such an endeavor and become associated with this organization. My first student was Paulo whom I helped with Early Math skills. It was a great experience to work with him each week as I learned many things from our interaction. I look forward to helping more students in the future.”

In addition, every tutor brings a unique perspective and background that helps foster comprehension and understanding within students. For instance, Gurleen holds, ” an M.Phil in English and have tutored at Outa Box Education, San Francisco. In the past, I have been engaged in other volunteer tutoring positions at San Francisco Public Library (as ESL tutor) and presently along with BATA, I work with United Sikhs as a tutor.” While Gurleen had experience as a tutor in English, she expanded her skillset in Math to help more students. With her help, more students in the Bay Area are able to catch up with the curriculum and overall achieve greater academic success. Thank you Gurleen!

Early Math Tutor: Gurleen